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First Birthday Décor

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Avery’s Forest Inspired Birthday

This weekend we celebrated our little man turning one year old – and I can’t wait to show you his birthday décor. I think we can all agree that this past year has been nothing short of strange and challenging. However, for us, it was also filled with a whole year of exciting firsts! That was so worth celebrating, even if it was just a party of four. I grew up ALWAYS having a theme for my birthday and a party filled with decorations. I plan to continue this every year for both my boys. Below you will see how I set up a cute little landscape for his special day.

First birthday décor
First Birthday

First Birthday Décor: Balloon Garland

Balloon Garlands have become one of my favourite things to create. My boys love them and they provide tons of entertainment. Win! I wanted a more muted, natural toned colour scape. To create this look, I purchased a complete DIY balloon garland kit on Etsy. This shop has tons of colour options if you’re looking for something different than the standard bright coloured birthday balloons. The best part is, this kit comes with everything you need to create a balloon garland at home. If you’re interested in tackling this project yourself, you can watch my short tutorial video on my Pinterest page.

First Birthday

A Forest Inspired Number One

I wanted to try something different than a number balloon, so I decided to create this forest inspired number one instead. I came across this idea on Under a Tin Roof’s blog post from a few years back and instantly fell in love. It’s so unique and it really complimented the muted and natural colour scape I wanted. Note: This would be a great idea for a bridal shower, wedding or baby shower. Imagine some moss covered initials as a backdrop? Or maybe even as a photo prop!

First Birthday

First Birthday Décor: Keepsake

The final thing I created was a First birthday keepsake. I made one for my oldest son when he turned one, so it was important to me to do this again. I used a white Ribba Ikea frame and printed the photos off my HP Sprocket. The size of these photos turned out to be perfect, and this cute little printer also allows you to add text to each photo. I added the corresponding month to each photo of Avery.

Next, I added a mini flag garland to display his name, along with a few finishing touches and other special details. To tie in the forest theme, I added a little moss heart and moss initials. What I love most about this idea is that it doesn’t just last for one day – I now have it hanging in his bedroom and it will be something I’ll have forever.

And that about wraps it up! I’m still sitting here in disbelief that he’s already one. But I don’t think we ever get used to how fast they grow up.

Onto to the next chapter of toddlerhood!



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