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How to Create a Placemat “Basket Wall”

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Our kitchen has this beautiful Wall Panelling, a DIY project that we finished about one year ago. I love how it transformed a dull corner of our kitchen into a cozy space with texture and warmth. I’d felt fairly certain that I would leave this finished wall bare of any art – that was until I came across this gorgeous Basket Wall on Pinterest (you got me again Pinterest). That’s where my Placemat “Basket Wall” comes in. I chose to use placemats because it would allow me to create something really unique. It was cost effective and I liked that the placemats would lay flat. I needed a narrow profile because this is a high traffic area in our kitchen.

Basket Wall

Below you will find the placemats that I used. Two of them are actually a set of coasters that I glued together to create a flower like shape.

If you decide to use different placemats than the ones I listed above, there are three main points to consider when making your choice:

  1. Colour – Make sure about ⅔ of your placemats have similar colours. This will help create a cohesive appearance, especially if you want to add pops of colour.

  2. Texture – Choose placemats with various textures. If you do end up with some of the same texture, aim to have those particular ones vary in colour.

  3. Size– Choose placemats of various sizes. Vary the sizes from ½ inch to 3-4 inches in size.

How to start your Basket Wall

Basket Wall Placemats

Firstly, you will want to create your “flower” placemats out of the Jute Rope Coasters. This part is simple because all you’ll need is a hot glue gun! Lay the coasters out into your preferred shape and begin gluing. You’ll have a little bit of time if you need to reposition after gluing but not much, so move quickly if you’re not happy with the shape. This is an opportunity to get creative, there are a few different shapes you can create with these, but I fell in love with the look of the flower.

Basket Wall Placemat

Preparing the Placemats

One set of placemats I purchased were a bit too flimsy for the wall. To fix this I simply traced the placemat on some hard cardboard and glued them together for extra support. You can then cut a slit in the back of the cardboard for easy hanging.

Another set of placemats I bought were a little too yellow along the edges for my liking. This was easy to fix by dabbing some white paint with a small sponge over the yellow area.

Basket Wall Placemats

Create your Basket Wall Layout

Now that your placemats are ready to hang, lay them out on the floor or a table and create your design. Play around with various patterns until you’re happy. Keep in mind the size of the space you’ll be working with. If you want to better visualize your wall layout prior to hanging, you can use painters tape to recreate the dimensions of your wall space on the floor. When you create a layout that you’re happy with, go with it! I always believe in trusting your instincts on things like this. You’ll know what you like when you see it.

Hanging your Placemats

Start by finding the center of your wall and use Command hooks to begin hanging your placemats. Start from the center of your layout and work your way out. The placemats by design have many ridges, so it’s easy to hang them on the hook. For the flower shaped ones made from coasters, simply hang them on the hook from the opening in the middle.

And Voila! You now have your very own “Basket Wall” made from placemats and coasters!

Placemat Basket Wall


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