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3 Ways To Use A Runner

When we moved into our house we upgraded the flooring on our main floor with the intention of upgrading our upstairs flooring shortly after. Well, needless to say, life happened and our severely outdated flooring has yet to be replaced. Thankfully area rugs do wonders for hiding this unsightly flooring. On my mission to mask our flooring I started to play around with various ways I could incorporate more than one rug in our room. Here are 3 ways to use a runner in your home.

An image of a runner in front of a dresser
3 Ways To Use A Runner

In front of a dresser or console. I purchased this jute runner to lay in front of our dresser. It works perfectly to anchor the dresser in our room. I love how it creates this little defined space to the side of our room, sort of like a dressing corner to get ready in the morning.

In a bathroom. If you have a long enough bathroom or bathtub area consider using a runner instead of traditional bath mat. I found a lot of bath mats, well, look like bath mats. I love that a runner adds some character and charm. There a lots of washable runner options as well. For my favorites, click here.

In a walk-in closet. I love this idea! It's such a fun way to personalize your walk-in closet and add some style to it. I also love how cozy it feels.

An image of a jute runner in front of a white dresser
3 Ways To Use A Runner

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