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5 Steps to Building the Perfect Room Design

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Step One:

Start with you large furniture items. These are the elements of your space that you will have for a long time. Keeping them as neutral as possible will give them longevity. Also, these items take a up a large portion of the room, keeping them neutral allows for them to be an anchoring object which allows are patters and textures to stand out.

Step Two:

Choosing the correct size area rug is vital to making a room design feel complete. It greatly impacts your colour palette and it can make a room feel too small if you don't have the correct size. Now that you've chosen your big furniture items in step one choosing the correct size is easy. For help on choosing your area rug size click here.

Step Three:

Ok, the big pieces are done! Phew, but now it's time to choose your mid-sized items. These include coffee tables, side tables, nightstands, large floor mirrors and accent chairs. Feel free to have some fun here. Don't be afraid to add nightstands that have some colour or an accent chair with texture or a fun pattern. For help determining the proper size coffee table click here. If you're unsure of what size nightstand you need, check out my size guide here.

Step Four:

Choose your wall art and photo frames. Wall art or photo frames are generally positioned over a large piece of furniture. This is vital to determining the size of these items. For help determining the correct size art of frames, click here.

Step 5:

I think step 5 is the most fun! This is when you get to add a lot of personality to your space. Choose your small décor items like cushions, vases and decorative objects. I recommend investing in some decent quality cushion inserts but have fun with your cushion covers. I change my covers almost every season so I wouldn't suggest spending hundreds of dollars on these if you plan to do the same. Shop some of my favorite cushion covers here. This step is a great opportunity to add texture, colour and charm. Take a look around at the space you've created so far. See what it might be missing, if its feeling drab, try adding some warmer colored curtains. If it feels like it's missing something, try adding some texture with a throw blanket or some baskets. For ideas on how to add texture to your room, click here.

Well, that about wraps it up! Following these five steps will ensure you choose accurately sized items and invest in the right pieces. Styling a space can certainly feel overwhelming but I hope breaking the process down into the five simple steps has given you some clarity and a place to start. If you're looking for a little more help, check out my design services, I'd love to give you hand!

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