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How To Select The Right Paint

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

The right paint is incredibly transformative for any space. It has the ability to impact the size, lighting and mood in big ways. I'm going to share my process on how to select the right paint. In addition, see my guide below which breaks down various paint finishes and where best to use them.

An image of a painted wall with a sofa sitting against it.
How To Select The Right Paint

How To Start:

I always select three paints of the same colour in various tones. One cool, one warm and one that simply catches my eye. I purchase a sample of each and paint a swatch of all three on different walls in the room I'm painting.

Am image of three paint swatches on a wall.
How To Select The Right Paint

I leave the swatches up for a few days and pay attention to how they look at different points of the day on each wall. A paint colour can look beautiful with the sun shining on it but once the evening strikes the colour may look dull, too warm or too cool.

An image of three paint swatches on a wall.
How To Select The Right Paint

White Paint:

When selecting white paints, an important rule of practice is to paint your swatches next to any white cabinetry or any other white furniture or big pieces. You'll want to pay close attention to how your white cabinets or objects look against the white paint. Does it look yellow next to it? If so, you'll want to try another option.

Paint Finishes And Where To Use Them:

It's important to know what paint finishes to use depending on the room you're working with. High traffic areas have different needs just like high moisture rooms like bathrooms do too. Take a look at the image below for a complete guide on paint finishes.

A graphic showing what paint finishes belong in what room.
How To Select The Right Paint

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