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Tips On Layering Rugs

An image of a primary bedroom with a wooden bedframe on top of layered area rugs.
Tips On Layering Rugs

Layering rugs is fun way to decorate a space. It instantly adds dimension, texture and a beautiful design feature. Here are my top tips on layering rugs. When choosing rugs to pair together, your goal should be to have one neutral rug and one rug with some sort of pattern or colour. The neutral rug fits best as the underneath rug because it will perfectly frame the patterned rug placed on top of it. Another fun way to layer a rug is by placing a round rug on the corner of your main area rug. This works well to highlight another piece of furniture such as an arm chair.

An image of feet standing on top of two layered area rugs.
Tip On Layering Rugs

Image of various rug sizes and how they best pair together.
Tips On Layering Rugs

Take a look at the guide to see what size rugs work best when layering. Click here for a complete round up of my favorite neutral rugs to layer with.

An image of two area rugs layered together.
Tips On Layering Rugs


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