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6 Strategies to Help you Design your Space

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

6 Strategies to help you design your space
6 Strategies to Help you Design your Space

Follow these 6 Strategies to help you design your space.

I followed these 6 strategies when we moved into our house and it helped me A LOT! I saw every space as a new projects. I was excited to start making it feel like home and add my personal touch. I feel like I live for these opportunities but I know not everyone shares this same enthusiasm when faced with the task of decorating. Figuring out how to pull a room together can feel overwhelming. I want to simplify that for you by sharing 6 strategies to help you design your space.

Figure out your design style:

If you have ZERO idea where to start, begin gathering inspiration. Collect images of everything you like. Even if it’s just the wall colour or the area rug that attracted you. Once you’ve gathered enough images, take note of the design ideas that keep repeating themselves. Your personal style should start to become clear.

Assess your Space:

Take a look at your space – is there a large wall that would be ideal for a feature wall? Maybe a piece of art that you love? If so, deciding what will work best for this large space is a great place to start. We have a large primary bedroom and instantly knew I wanted to make a bold statement. I chose to to create a navy blue herringbone wall that has quickly become one of my favorite feature walls in our home.

Find your “can’t live without” item:

This is my favourite tip. Find one item that you absolutely LOVE and can’t live without. You know, that item you can’t stop thinking about after you’ve left the store. The item that makes your heart skip a beat. This can be a chair, an area rug or even something as simple as a decorative pillow. Whatever it is, you love it and it’s going to bring you joy every time you see it. There’s a reason you’re drawn to it and this can work as an anchor for your entire design.

Choose a Colour Palette:

Decide on a colour palette of three to four colours. If you’re doing a feature wall, start with one colour first and work from there. I used a deep navy blue in our primary bedroom’s feature wall, so I chose a complimenting white paint colour on the remaining walls. From there I chose a trim colour. This is the perfect time to reference your “can’t live without” item. Are there any colours you can pull from there? Having a colour palette will be helpful to keep you on track when choosing other items, but don’t be afraid to add some accents or ‘pops’ of colour as well.

Choose your Functional décor:

There are certain items that are needed in every house, like window coverings and light fixtures. This can be a great way to define your design style. Your drapes can be an excellent way to add texture or a pattern to your space. They’re not permanent so it’s a simple place to add some fun patterns or textures. Your light fixtures are a feature piece, so choose one carefully that you love, and be sure to choose the appropriate size as well.

Add a Personal Piece:

Your home décor is for you. Adding personal touches to your space is vital in making it feel like home. This is where I like to keep it simple. I’m a big fan of black and white photos. They’re a fabulous way to showcase those special moments while also blending in nicely with any design style. I like to keep my picture frames pretty basic. I usually opt for a black or white frame. That way the photo stands out and it doesn’t interfere with other design elements. I use frames from Ikea called Ribba.

Designing a room doesn’t have to be a complicated task. It takes time and a little bit of patience. I hope by keeping these six strategies in mind you’ll create a space that brings you joy every time you enter it.

Happy decorating!

Sarah xx

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